Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Guess who's back... and I need a little help :)

This is not a personal blog. This has been and will always be the blog for the SL brand .:StoRin:. . With that said, I think I need to explain what whappened since March, 2011.

By that time, I was working RLife, I had a baby 1 year old and I got divorced. By that time, my whole world collapsed. Everything I had and everything I dreamed of, became ashes. I didn't had a personal computer, I was using my ex's labtop, and when he left, he took it with him, obviously. So, my SLife was over. Even if I had a computer, I wouldn't be able to log in, because I had to find ways of getting money to support my house and son all by myself.

Today, I have a new family. I found the man of my dreams (which was already there in my life for a lifetime already) and I am pregnant of a baby who is already loved by everyone. We don't know if it is a girl or a boy, and even Rodrigo (my eldest, with 5 now) is deseperate to know and to feel the new baby. I've left my job, right before knowing I was pregnant (not a smart move, I know) but things happen for a reason.

So, after a few months of total incapacity of doing anything I like to do (painting, writing, sewing, or just pinning on Pinterest), I've decided to try to go back to a "love" I've left when I left everything else. I'm trying to get back to SL. It's not easy. It's been a while... Almost 4 years. I know hothing about who is "cool" now, how we create, where to hangout, and because I'm in Portugal, it's hard to meet old friends. I can't be online every dawn as I was before. I have a schedule to pick up kid at school, and cook dinner and whatever, and I get really tired of just being in the labtop. This has been a pregnancy full of sickness and vomiting, and by the 19 weeks I still get it, and none of the pills that are supposed to help are helping.

There's a lot more of me, things I've discovered in this 4 years, that I could tell you, but this is a long post already, and I don't want to make you tired in my first post.

I will ask you all the help you can give me, if you still remember me. I want to get back, because I've lived great times and made awesome friends in SLife, and I really really want to be back. All the help (and I am not asking for money) would be great!

I'm still active with .:StoRin:. on Marketplace, though I don't know how it works anymore. I'm studying and trying to learn, but if you can help me understand it I'd appreciate too. There is no inworld store, but I'd like to have one really soon, at least to have an exposure of my work, so you can all remember me.

<3 Ann

Saturday, March 12, 2011

call for glory

Announcing .:StoRin:. contest! Starting today, friday, and ending March 31 at midnight SLT, I’m holding a contest for my store art pictures. That’s right, your photo could be the one displayed in the store!

.:StoRin:. has a wide range of clothes, accessories, poses and poseballs that you can use in your photos. It will be very easy to create the perfect image to enter the contest!

Rules for the Contest:

1. Take pictures using at least 3 products from .:StoRin:. (any combination of items – it can be poses with male and female clothes for example)
2. Entrants must be members of the .:StoRin:. Flickr Group
3. Entrants must tag their entry with “storincontest” or it will not be eligible.
4. Limited to five (5) pictures per entrant.
5. Photos should be no less than 800×725 pixels
6. Post processing of images is allowed and encouraged
7. Add your pictures to the group pool

*By submitting your photos you understand that you will be giving Annah Whitfield full rights to use the photo on the ad boards, if selected.

There will be five winners. The winners will receive:

1. Their choice of 2 .:StoRin:. single pose sets
2. Their choice of 4 .:StoRin:. poseballs
3. $1000 Shopping Spree to .:StoRin:.
4. Their winning photo will be used as wall art in .:StoRin:. walls

Winners will be picked on or before April 5th. They will be announced on the .:StoRin:. blog and in the flickr group.

Best of Luck!
<3 Ann

Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Have you checked the gatcha machine at .:StoRin:.? Some items from the Nautical collection, available for L$15 each! Come play and get them all!

Drop by the store and check all the news!!! Don't forget you can get everything at the marketplace also! More news to come, I promise!

<3 Ann

Latest release from .:StoRin:.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

.:StoRin:. fiona tank

More new releases for girls! Cute tanks in lovely colours You'll be able to find the fatpack (with 6 colours) for L$216 or the individual colours for L$60 in-world or at the marketplace. As usual in all my clothes, you'll be able to find multiple layers and attachment points. For this one, two different sculpted parts, one with print and one without it!

I am working hard to get everything ready! Stop by now and then to check it! Also stay in tune with the new blog for lots of news!

<3 Ann

Latest release from .:StoRin:.

Monday, February 28, 2011

.:StoRin:. clara top

Another new release, this time female clothes! Pretty basic tops! You'll be able to find the fatpack (with 6 colours) for L$216 or the individual colours for L$60 in-world or at the marketplace. As usual in all my clothes, you'll be able to find multiple layers.

I'm still working on the store, so please forgive the mess! I'll be releasing more stuff soon and also keeping adding old stuff to the store! Keep your eyes on the blog for more news!

<3 Ann

Latest release from .:StoRin:.

Friday, February 25, 2011

.:StoRin:. something cute - part ii

Hi there! Finally a new release *does happy dance* a new pack of ten static poses plus mirrored versions! You'll be able to find the complete pack (with 20 poses) for L$180 in-world or at the marketplace or the individual poses for L$30 in-world only.

You will also notice the store has changed, and there are some things left! I'm working on finishing everything, but for now it actually looks kinda cute! Keep your eyes on the blog for more news!

<3 Ann

Thursday, February 03, 2011

the marketplace

I am working on updating prices and all the listings on the Marketplace so you can see how prices will be as I open the new store. I am also updating the discontinued items that will be only available there. While there, pick up the dollarbie available, and look for all the previous releases!

As for the inworld store, well I promise news very very soon! I am working hard to make things ready. While it is not oppened, please make sure to visit the old one and pick your favourite items in the sale sections.
Keep your eyes on the new blog because all the news will be updated here!

<3 Ann